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All you need to know about IPTVx App

IPTVx is an English version of nStreamLmod

and all credit for the great work goes to FIOKOM. The main purpose of widget is to watch IPTV or WebTV from the Internet on the BIG TV screen. The playlist could be loaded from a local or remote server, or directly from USB drives... On top of that, there is a support for EPG from different channel providers and Weather Forecast for European Capital Cities.
IPTVx supports following type of the streams: "rtmp", "udp", "mms", "rtsp", "hls", "http", "ts"
IPTVx also supports the playback all types of the media files supported by your TV. It allows to use your own M3U or XML playlists and make for the most flexible widget experience possible!!!

Current version is 3.01, so please re-install to enjoy all features available for you

Attention!!! Important announcement
the IPTVx app will work only as Technology Demo
with your own playlists from your chosen OTT providers.
Support for current VIP users will remain unchanged.

  • YouTube File playback has being FIXED
  • Extended VOD info with improved layout ([INFO] button)
  • Cloud service introduced to improve stability
  • International XMLTV EPG with duration bar (new DIY EPG generator)
  • Quick One button SEARCH
  • Animated Zoom Guide with a programme description
  • Film finder in VOD
  • Global Search in VIP section
  • Embedded Greek EPG
  • FilmOn TV in VIP section fixed
  • Stay up to date with Update Checker
  • Animated popup
  • Bugs fixed to improve performance
  • Arconai TV in the VIP section
  • History LOG for quick access
  • RSS News Reader
  • YouTube Portal - Search by words or your Favourite user
  • Included IPTV Panels URL reader
  • Embedded SKY Italy EPG [partial]
  • Included DIY EPG code reader
  • Create your own playlists with generated EPG code here
  • Channel links calculator in the status bar
  • Selected City* Weather Forecast [Easter Egg]
  • NEW SKY UK EPG [partial]
  • Add to Favourites Fix
  • Highlighted Channel Selector
  • Dynamic start-up and settings background
  • Premium VIP services
  • Yandex EPG Fix
  • Fixed Weather Forecast
  • Dynamic update notification window
  • New start-up layout
  • Scroll bar in description window

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* available Cities: London, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Madrid, Lisbon, Vienna, Warsaw, Kiev, Prague, Athens, Ankara

Here is a glimpse of what to expect from that app - a few screen shots to give you an idea:

VIP section access INFO-leaks