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Legacy version of MultiViewer is a simple monitoring solution of RTMP, RTP, UDP and HTTP streams with a time-stamp error log, audio alarm and email notification.

It could be run on any PC with at least i7 Processor and Windows 7 OS or higher.

MultiViewer is a software application that is based on the VLC version 1.1.11 provided by third party, which has being patched to support Adobe Flash RTMP streams. If RTMP stream is not required - it can be used with any other version of VLC.

Its purpose is to receive 12, 20 or 30 video streams or files and represent them in the full screen as 4x3, 5x4 and 6x5 grids on the any resolution monitor. As an option, the application will start monitoring audio and video after launch and it will automatically restart the stream in case of discovery of the freeze frame or complete lack of the stream.

Description: multiviewer


§ Simultaneous Multi-Channel IPTV Viewing experience

§ IPTV/DVB Broadcast inexpensive monitoring solution

§ Off-Air Compliance Monitoring

§ Video on Demand File QC

§ M3U Playlist generator

Key Features

§ MultiViewer gives you a low-cost solution to monitor the streams

§ Complete NEW approach to watch IPTV

§ Up to 30 Simultaneous RTMP,UDP,RTP or HTTP and Files playbacks

§ Reads and Converts M3U playlist files for instant configuration

§ Support Automatic restart of the streams

§ Configurable Sound Alarm and Email delivery

§ Widget clock with System load information

System Specifications


§ IP In: UDP/RTP/HTTP DVB1 MPEG2 and DVB2 H264 compliant Transport Stream

§ Video In: HD/SD-SDI, Cv and HDMI (*Optional via Capture Card)

§ Audio In: Stereo Embedded and discrete AES/Analogue (Optional)

§ File Input: MPEG2 and H264 Transport Stream


§ Up to 30 Simultaneous VLC media players on any resolution screen

Supported operating systems:

§ Windows 7 Pro 32/64bit

Supported hardware platforms:

§ PC with at least i7 Processor
(Recommended system configuration is 8 core ws/server loaded with 8GB RAM, 1GB network ports and SSD system drive)