Wed, Jul 17, 2024



We make your TV even Smarter!!!
This widget by ruleNone is adopted version of OVP (Online Video Player) and all credits are going to Digital, Germet, Trv, Tsnakeman.
YSMART is a versatile tool for presenting multimedia documents located directly on the Internet. It allows to watch movies, TV shows, IPTV streams, Video-on-Demand (VOD), Video Tutorials, check Weather Forecast, listen to the radio, read RSS feeds and browse the web...
Discover a new world of web-connected TV entertainment with YSMART!!!

Here is a glimpse of what to expect from that app - a few screen shots to give you an idea:

Unfortunately, we have stopped any development on ySmart app and will concentrate on other ideas and opportunities.

If you would like to watch IPTV on your Smart TV please check an alternative app called IPTVx